Yonghong expo

Enterprise helmsman

Enterprise helmsman

Chairman of Hebei Pingle Flour Machinery Group---Mr. Li JianjunMore>>

Chairman of Hefei Meiya Photoelectric Technology Joint-stock Co., Ltd---Mr. TianmingMore>>

Chairman Oggi Kaifeng Maosheng Machinery Co., Ltd---Mr. Zhao ZhiyongMore>>

Director of Wuxi Buhler Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd---Mr. BuhlersMore>>

Chairman of Jiangsu Zhengchang Group---Mr. Hao BoMore>>

Deputy general manager of Anhui Yongcheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd--- Mr. Wang YongjiMore>>

general manager of Anhui Jiexun Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd--- Mr. Chen YanbingMore>>

Chairman and general manager of Hunan Chenzhou Cereals And Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd---Mr. He YirongMore>>

Chairman of Jiangsu Myande Group Co., Ltd---Mr. Xu BinMore>>

Chairman of Jiangsu Tom Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd---Mr. Tang JianhuaMore>>

President of Jiangsu Muyang Group Oil Engineering Division---Mr. Qian ShengfengMore>>

Vice president of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association,Fats Branch Association, CPPCC member of Henan province, Chairman of Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils MachinMore>>

Chairman and party secretary of COFCOCo., Ltd---Mr. Zhao ShuanglianMore>>

  • Time:2018 December 6 - December 8
  • location:Chinese Intemational Exhibition Center
  • 2017 the 9th IND China International day
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